Welcome to Beebelovesbeauty!

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my Beauty World!  I love beauty.  I love seeing the beautiful side of everything.  I have grown to learn that no matter what goes on in life,  its all about perspective.  When I complain about where I am in life I will never be able to move forward . A phrase from years ago comes to my mind…”When I complain I remain, when I praise I am raised.”

 I can look at life and focus on only the gloom and doom, or I can appreciate the beautiful side of life. When I meditate on the goodness of God, I know  that He is in complete control of me. Instead of complaining about my circumstances,  no matter what they are, the economy, my job, my business, my  child who has gone astray, or even Covid 19, I have come to know that there is no problem that God cannot solve. I have learned how to trust in His power and I have to trust in His providence. 

Mahalia Jackson sang a song that i heard when i was a little girl. I complained that I had no shoes, then I saw a man who had no feet.  Then I knew how lucky was I…..”.  I like wearing  pretty heels, but when my feet hurt, I am so blessed to have comfortable flat shoes. The beauty of being able to walk without hurting is such a blessing.

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