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Hello, I am Beebe Love, I am multi-faceted…so I am also a published Author living now living in Alabama. I published my first novel in 2012 (Broken Promises), and currently preparing my second, a devotional/cookbook (Random Thoughts and Recipes), to be published some time in the near future. It is actually way past due, but there are times in our lives when things just don’t go as planned.


I am married, a mother of grown children and three grandchildren. I love spending my days with my five-year old grandson, Sebastian. I retired five years ago and now I work from my home office, managing a medical practice.

Before I became an Author, I experimented with numerous occupations: Secretary, Proofreader, Operations Assistant, Project Administrator, Hairstylist, Salon owner, Salon Manager, Organizer, practice manager, and Entrepreneur…

My favorite job now is doing what I love best–managing a medical practice, remodeling a forty year old doll house, writing another book, and various other fun things. Many days I am hanging out with Sebastian at his favorite place, The space center, and whenever possible, creating beautiful gift items and dollhouse furniture repurposed from ordinary things. That is what I do. I turn ordinary things into beautiful things. Thanks for visiting my site.

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